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Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Do You Need To Get Well?

Our bodies have an amazing ability to get well. Our minds influence that ability.

I experienced this one of the two times I faced death. I had raging infection from a surgery that introduced seven different bacteria into my already compromised body. Three of them were antibiotic resistant. This could surely mean death, since a weakened body has a smaller arsenal to fight with; and it was battling without the aid of an effective antibiotic.

In spite of horrific pain that often made me desire death to relieve it, my mind knew one thing for sure. I had two young children and they needed a mother. Somehow, my body was able to wall off those "incurable" infections; put them safely inside a bubble of tissue so they could do me no harm. And that is just what it did. Pockets of now inactivated bacteria later had to be removed due to the pain they caused pressing on other tissue - but that my body could protect itself in this way was miraculous. That my mind let my body know death was not an option at this time, fortified my body to do what it had to do.

We all turn to medicine, as we should, to help us deal with ailments. But when those ailments, or others, continue to plague us, we must stop and ask ourselves: what is getting in the way of healing? Illness is often a symptom of emotions that ail us. What do we need to look at, to change, to get well?

The body and the mind are so connected. When you are "stuck," go within and consider what is making you sick. Enlist professional help if necessary. You cannot live a healthy life with wounds buried deep in your soul.

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