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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Beginnings: More on the Subject of a New Year

We all crave new beginnings. When we make a mistake, we want to do better the next time. When we wound a friend or lover, we seek reconciliation. We take stock, we consider what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Rarely does a new year start without us looking at some aspects of our past and deciding how to make our lives better in the future.

This process is especially poignant as we reach milestone birthdays or when faced with a tragedy. As we struggle to make sense of things, time slows and we reconsider what is important to us. The challenge is to resist falling back into familiar patterns; the ones that blinded us to total experience.

Feeling pain, recalling joy, putting aside pride, are part of the human experience. They are all necessary to fully engage in your life and to bond with others.

It takes courage to change your life. It takes courage to admit you are wrong. It takes courage to ask for forgiveness or to forgive others. Liberation from agonizing regrets however, is unmistakably yours.

Take the plunge. Face your realities, admit them to yourself, make peace with anyone you need to, then let it all go. Free from these negative forces, you will find life a little sweeter and the chains that bound you, broken.

Have a beautiful journey in 2011, and keep growing.

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