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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reflections: A New Year

The new year brings us to a place of reflection; reconsideration of what has happened and what is to come. We swear off bad habits, resolving to be better in the next year. We think about our regrets: for what we did and did not do, say, act upon. We dream of happier times for our futures.

While some years are certainly filled with more challenges than seem fair, some are also filled with more joy. On balance, most of us experience highs and lows of life, if not in equal annual portions, throughout our lives. Some of us are blessed to see the glass half full. Then, joys are amplified and sorrows recede following an appropriate period. For those unfortunate souls who see the glass half empty, life is drudgery, to be tolerated.

I challenge those people to reframe their situation. If you have to live life, why not enjoy it?

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