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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


If it were not for a sense of humor, many would not survive life's trials and tribulations. Pity the person who cannot recognize the insanity in the midst of normalcy. One only need watch an episode of "Seinfeld" to realize that life can be very funny. While the show exaggerates the ordinary, most of us find truth in many of the situations created by the characters.

Particularly when we are under stress, humor can be life affirming. Who hasn't experienced some "black humor" in the midst of a serious situation? Some may think this is irreverent, but I would suggest that this is one of the best coping mechanisms of the human psyche.

Laughter brings people together, it mitigates the tragic in life, and is healing. If you find yourself in a difficult place, try laughter. Watch a comedy show on TV or the internet. See how you feel after you watch it.  I can almost guarantee your step will be just a little lighter. 

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  1. Humor guarantees the survival of the species! lol.