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Monday, October 18, 2010

Coming Into One's Own

Our lives are made of many small experiences, good and bad. In each situation, we learn something about ourselves, others or how the world works. It shapes our future actions and behavior, but most importantly, builds our character and strength.

Whenever tested, we have choices to make. We may not have control over those things that happen to us, but we can always choose our course of action and our attitude. We can sink or swim, love or hate, start or stop. There is always a choice. Knowing this gives us more control over our lives.

We may sometimes err, but there is always the lesson. Sometimes we can correct the mistake; sometimes we need to live with the consequences. But in every situation, a seed of strength is sown. Something is changed, that enables us to move forward, knowing we will be OK.

Whenever you are challenged, recall that you have weathered other storms and that you will weather this one too.

1 comment:

  1. When I was confronted with a challenge to my health and I reacted with fear, a friend told me that I would handle this exactly as I handled everything else in my life. And the fear left as quickly as it came.