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Friday, May 20, 2011


My son describes the day as surreal. The realization that classes will be no longer and that real life, whatever that means, awaits. Gone is the safety of the campus, the reliability of meals ready for you in the cafeteria. Gone are the student discounts and the camaraderie of other students. The whole wide world is now open to my son. How exciting, and how scary this must be.

For my husband and I, it is another milestone in our son's life - but in ours also. To say we have a college graduate in our midst reminds us of our mortality and of the quickly passing years. I find myself dwelling in memories of when he was young. Photos have been pulled out and looked over, by request of fraternities and friends as they make cards and farewell projects. The box with all the cute notes and cards made for me is out for viewing. I have enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

This is surreal to me too. Not so much the graduation, but knowing he will move far away after his visit with us. My younger son is home now too, and once again, for a short while, we will be a family of four. It's so different this time. Less stress of the "raising" and more enjoyment of the wonderful young men they have become. We are sharing meals, giving and receiving advice, sorting through things to get rid of, pack away for safekeeping, donating and shipping to the west coast. It's a very special time and I am relishing each moment because when I pause for even a moment, I can't stop the tears . . . . .

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